There are 3 forces that drive property transactions particularly when vendors are experiencing life changing events – Death, Divorce and Debt.


At our lunchtime briefing, Kirsty Brealey, Special Counsel, Justine Clark, Principal and Simon Abraham, Principal, provided an overview of the relevant law and explain how real estate agents should protect themselves when dealing with vendors who are under pressure.

If you have ever been involved in any of these scenarios, you should watch the recording (Passcode: 89J8zA9$) 
of this briefing: 

  • Selling property for a deceased estate or for a critically ill vendor
  • Family disputes between vendors
  • Divorced or separated parties wanting to sell a property
  • Family Court Orders and property sales
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes 
  • Corporate or personal insolvency
  • The role of lenders and financiers in the sale process


The slides are also available. Please click on the link below:

TLFC Law Lunchtime Briefing: 3Ds of Forced Property Sales- Death, Divorce and Debt


If you have any queries on these matters, please reach out to our expert team.