We are specialist family lawyers in Melbourne. We understand that family law matters can be stressful and emotional. Tisher Liner FC Law provide an all encompassing family law service, offering personalised and practical family law advice to assist you with every aspect of your family law matter, ranging from parenting arrangements to property settlements. Our team is committed to assist you to reach an outcome that will provide you with certainty about your future.


We are specialist family lawyers in Melbourne and offer personalised and practical advice to assist you with every aspect of your family law matter.

Where parenting arrangements are concerned, our family law team will guide you in identifying arrangements that are in the best interests of your children and we will work with you to achieve arrangements that are practical and work well for you and your family. We are sensitive to the needs of each individual child. As no one family is the same, our advice will be tailored to the unique circumstances of your case. We understand and acknowledge the emotional challenges that you will inevitably face following the breakdown of your relationship and the impact that the significant changes within a family can (and often do) have on children. With our early advice and support, we can support you to seek out professional advice and guidance, if required, from mediators, counsellors and/or psychologists with a view to resolving your parenting matters by agreement, if possible.

We will assist you to achieve the best possible outcome in respect of your property and financial matters. We will guide you through the process of exchanging financial documents and identifying and valuing the assets and liabilities to be divided between you and your former partner and we will advise you at an early stage about the settlement that you are likely to achieve. We will provide you with our recommendations as to the best strategic and practical steps for you. Throughout your matter, we will listen and be responsive to your personal goals and desired outcome. We will advise you about the commerciality of the proposed settlement, how to best structure your settlement to meet your future financial needs and how that outcome can be reached as cost and time efficiently as possible.

Our family law experts are experienced in all areas of family dispute resolution processes including mediation, conciliation and litigation. We will explore all avenues for alternative dispute resolution. However, if an agreed outcome cannot be reached, we are skilled litigators and will confidently represent you in Court. We will assist you to navigate the Court process and advise you as to the best path to resolve your case.

We provide expert advice in the areas of:

  • Negotiating Property Settlements and Protection of Assets;
  • Complex Financial Disputes;
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements;
  • Financial Agreements;
  • Parenting Disputes;
  • Relocation Disputes;
  • Child Support Advice;
  • Divorce;
  • De facto and Same Sex Relationships;
  • Spousal Maintenance;
  • Family Dispute Resolution; and
  • Intervention Orders and Family Violence Applications.


To download our family law flyer on separation and divorce, please click here.


Family Law Podcast

Listen to the Family Law Podcast. Our Justine Clark tells us about some important family law issues and busts some commonly held myths about the process of separation and divorce. Each podcast focuses on a different topic and lasts for about 4 minutes. Visit our Family Law Podcast page to start listening.


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Principal Accredited Family Law Specialist

Justine Clark

  Justine provides considered, strategic, and commercial advice to her clients to negotiate, or litigate, the...
Special Counsel

Brynne Allen

She believes that each client is unique with their own set of circumstances that requires careful consideration She is...
Senior Associate JD, BA

Chloe Forder

A strong advocate for her clients, Chloe confidently negotiates settlements but always ensures her clients are well...
Lawyer BA, JD

Julia Vitebsky

Julia is incredibly client focused, commercially minded and pragmatic in her approach to all aspects of family law...

Lauren Oswin

Lauren has experience in all areas of family law She is committed to providing her clients with an efficient and...

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