Unfortunately, family law proceedings may impact on family members, business partners and other third parties that are not a spouse party to the de facto relationship or marriage.

We act for and advise a variety of third parties to family law disputes including family members, parents, siblings, directors of companies and appointors of trusts, adult children, and creditors.


Often family law disputes involving third parties are complex. The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia has extensive powers in relation to third parties, including corporations, trusts, creditors and trustees in bankruptcy. In our experience third parties require commercial and strategic advice to ensure that a third party’s position is protected or that they are able to be extracted from a dispute between former spouse parties to family law proceedings.


We are able to assist you if you, your family members, your business or corporate entities are impacted by a family law dispute.


For assistance with third party disputes, contact Justine Clark, Brynne Allen or a member of our family law team. Call us on 03 8600 9333 to make an appointment.