Parties to the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship face many difficult decisions, including in relation to their financial affairs. Tisher Liner FC Law will assist you to achieve the best possible outcome in relation to your financial matter and the resolution of a financial settlement. 

Each financial settlement, and the appropriate division (that a Court would arrive at), differs in each family law matter, and is dependent on the unique facts and circumstances of the parties to the relationship and / or marriage.


We deal frequently with complex commercial property settlements and are well placed to advise in matters involving corporate interests, trusts, taxation, and assets situated both in Australia and overseas.


We apply our skills equally to each and every matter in which we are engaged – whether involving high net worth individual or parties holding modest assets.


Essential to every financial settlement is having the right advice. This means understanding what the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia may determine in your matter and may work best for you and your family, taking into account many considerations at play. Many of the settlements we negotiate and resolve are not based solely on what the Court would consider just and equitable, but take into account our clients specific concerns and considerations, financial and non-financial.


With our broad experience and network of trusted valuers, accountants, commercial lawyers and senior barristers, we make sure you have all the advice required for you to make an informed decision, giving you the best chance to make the ‘right’ decision for you and your family.


For assistance with complex financial disputes including  Family Business, Trusts and Corporate Structures, contact Justine Clark, Brynne Allen or a member of our family law team. Call us on 03 8600 9333 to make an appointment.