The Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL) will be based on a fixed charge of $100 for residential properties or $200 for non-residential properties, plus a variable cost calculated on the property’s capital improved value (CIV). This includes fire services and parking levy increases.

MFB Variable rates:

  • 60.7 cents per $1,000 CIV for commercial
  • 95.0 cents per $1,000 CIV for industrial
  • 6.9 cents per $1,000 CIV for vacant land or residential.

Parking Levy Increases

The levy is calculated per leviable parking space. For the areas bounded by the blue lines in the Levy Area Map (available on the SRO website), the congestion levy is $930 for 2013. However, subject to the passage of legislation, the congestion levy will be $1300 for 2014. Please note that the congestion levy freeze that applied to the area bounded by Montague Street, the West Gate Freeway, City Link and the Yarra River will be lifted in 2013 and will be the same as the other areas, namely $930 ($1300 in 2014).

If you are a landlord and about to enter into a lease, make sure that these levies can be passed on to the tenant.