Our family law team specialise exclusively in family law. Lead by Justine Clark and Brynne Allen, Accredited Family Law Specialists. We bring our experience, expertise and considered approach to your family law matter.

We take the time to appreciate your circumstances and provide you with a concise, clear, and thorough understanding of the rights and entitlements unique to your situation. We are acutely aware that there is no one size fits all in family law matters.

We have specialist expertise in the negotiation, mediation, and where required, litigation and advocacy.

Our purpose is to assist you to resolve your family law matter proficiently, professionally, commercially, and with discretion.

We offer expert advice in:

  1. Complex Financial Disputes (Businesses, Trusts and Corporate Structures)
  2. Financial Agreements
  3. Spousal Maintenance Applications
  4. Child Support and Child Support Agreements
  5. Parenting Arrangements and Disputes
  6. Same Sex and LGBTIQA+ Family Law Matters
  7. Divorce
  8. Third Party Disputes
  9. International Family Law


Listen to the Family Law Podcast. Our Justine Clark tells us about some important family law issues and busts some commonly held myths about the process of separation and divorce. Each podcast focuses on a different topic and lasts for about 4 minutes. Visit our Family Law Podcast page to start listening.

Part 1- Property Settlements

Part 2- Divorce and Separation

Part 3- Splitting Superannuation

Part 4- Parenting and Children

Part 5- De-facto Relationships

Part 6- Civil Unions and Same Sex Marriages