We are expert Owners Corporations Lawyers. Tisher Liner FC Law advises Owners Corporations for apartment buildings throughout Victoria. We provide quality and practical legal advice to Owners Corporations and their Committees on an ongoing basis to assist with compliance and reduce the likelihood of future disputes.

As expert Owners Corporations lawyers, Tisher Liner FC Law have substantial experience in the following Owners Corporations and strata matters:

  • Representation in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Owners Corporations List regarding all issues affecting Owners Corporations including:
    • Enforcing Owners Corporations Rules;
    • Testing the meaning or validity of Owners Corporations Rules;
    • Obtain orders that lot owners comply with their legal obligations;
    • Compliance with statutory procedures for making decisions and validity of decisions;
    • Defending applications by lot owners and occupiers;
    • Advice on the merits of prosecuting and defending legal proceedings involving Owners Corporations generally;
  • Domestic Building Warranty claims against Builders, architects and plumbers by Owners Corporations for defective building works affecting common property;
  • Water Act claims;
  • Adverse possession and easements;
  • Disputes between Owners Corporations and lot owners;
  • Quick, efficient and cost-effective recovery of overdue Owners Corporation levies through VCAT;
  • Advice on the legal duties of Owners Corporations, Committee Members and Managers;
  • Advice on compliance with statutory procedures;
  • Drafting legally enforceable and tailored Owners Corporation Rules;
  • Advice on procedural requirements for implementing significant Owners Corporation decisions relating to expensive repair and maintenance or upgrade projects;
  • Preparing licences and leases over common property;
  • Advice on repair and maintenance costs being raised using the ‘substantial benefit’ principle;
  • Preparing tailored service agreements such as building management, concierge services and maintenance contracts specific to Owners Corporations;
  • Advice on approving changes to the legal boundaries on the plan of subdivision;
  • Advice on determining what is common property and what is private lot property and interpreting plans of subdivisions;
  • Converting older Company Title and Service Company properties into Owners Corporations; and
  • Representation at the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal for all Units Plan matters.

See our video on Owners Corporation committee’s being engage lawyers directly without assistance from managers below:

See our video on tips for lot owners in dealing with the Owners Corporations’ manager and committees:

See our video on the changes to the Owners Corporations Act 2006 which are due to come in force on 1 January 2021:


For details about how we, as expert Owners Corporations lawyers can assist Owners Corporations in building warranty defect litigation against builders, plumbers, building surveyors and architects see our building warranty defect claim page here.


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For assistance with Owners Corporations matters please contact Phillip Leaman, the principal of the Owners Corporation Team by email pleaman@tlfc.com.au or by phone 03 8600 9314.


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