By Phillip Leaman

12 March 2014

In December 2013 we informed you about the new privacy law changes in our blog post.

As at 12 March 2014 (today), the privacy law changes now take effect. To see if they apply to your business, obtain the handy checklist prepared by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. It can be found on their website.

A party to whom you have collected or hold personal information of can make a complaint to the Australian Information Commissioner. The Commissioner can prohibit an organisation from continuing or repeating certain conduct which breaches the Act, direct the organisation to take action to redress loss and damage suffered by a complainant or to pay specified amounts by way of compensation. Usually, the Commissioner will attempt conciliation in the first instance.

If you are subject to the Privacy Act, you must review and update your policies now to ensure that you can use the information you collect.