Samuel McMahon has practised in commercial litigation since his admission as a solicitor in 2007. He manages litigation matters with distinction, assisting a large range of clients, including small businesses, large businesses and private individuals.

Samuel McMahon is known for his calm and considered solutions, practical nature and problem-solving skills. He has a sound and thorough understanding of the various aspects of litigation, enabling him to guide ordinary people who find themselves caught up in the stressful world of litigation in order to achieve their best result. His wealth of knowledge often results in the provision of successful ‘outside the box’ strategies and advice that others may not have thought of. Solicitors often look to Samuel for advice or opinion, attesting to his technical command of legal principle.

In numerous cases where litigation has been threatened against his clients, Samuel has been able to advise and assist with taking strategic steps, which have successfully averted the threatened litigation entirely.

Samuel McMahon knows what he is doing and it shows:

“I am actually speechless, I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you Samuel. It has been a very trying time for me over the last year and it took a considerable toll on my life and to my family’s. I am living in the cocoon helping people and making a living not aware how people out there chasing the dollar with whatever means. I am so grateful for all that you have done. I wish to come one day to thank you personally.”

“We wanted to express our gratitude for all your efforts and dedication for our case. It was quite a long and upsetting process but your generous advices, assistance and support regarding this matter made it stress-free. We are grateful to you for your confidence, knowledge and determination toward this matter which have led towards winning success. Thank you.”

“A battle well won today

The smile on my face is worth million $$$”

“We are glad to meet you finally Samuel. It was a great experience and your calming nature was excellent.”

“Sam, I really appreciate the help you gave me. You enabled me to resolve my issue without pain and cost.”

“Dear Sam, Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and hard work during the year. We did not expect such a great outcome.”


Examples of Samuel McMahon’s Cases

  • A property investor was sued by a wealthy neighbouring developer when the development stalled because of a structure connected to the neighbour’s building. The developer sued the property investor, who came to see Samuel. Through thorough preparation for trial, evidence was uncovered which enabled the property investor to settle the case on the basis that his opponent dropped the claim and paid a contribution to his legal costs.
  • When a purchase of a business fell through because the landlord did not approve the transfer, the purchaser and the vendor agreed to a partial refund of the deposit. When the vendor sued the purchaser trying to claim that the purchaser had not assisted the vendor to claim the remainder of the deposit from its agent, the purchaser came to see Samuel. Despite the vendor’s and the agent’s aggressive tactics, Samuel confidently managed the defence of the claim and his client received a costs order against both other parties to the case.
  • A cleaning contractor sued a gym operator for outstanding fees. Apart from defending the claim on the basis that the fees were not charged correctly, Samuel identified a technical defect in the claim which resulted in the claim being struck out.
  • When John and Sally (names have been changed) arrived at Samuel’s office, all they wanted was compensation for their builder’s mistakes. After thorough investigation, Samuel identified that they had a case to claim, not just compensation, but also a refund of a number of improperly-charged items.


Outside the office, Samuel is a talented musician, currently holding the position of Parish Organist of Christ Church, Essendon.

- "The cautious seldom err." - Confucius, Analects Book IV Chapter 23

Qualifications & Industry Memberships

  • Bachelor of Arts/Law, University of Melbourne, 2005
  • Member of Law Institute of Victoria

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