Phoebe Langridge is a commercial litigator who practices across a number of areas including breach of directors duties, insolvency, creditors and liquidators disputes, shareholder disputes including oppressive conduct, contractual disputes, debt collection, consumer rights, franchising disputes and misleading and deceptive conduct. Phoebe’s particular passion lies in insolvency.

Phoebe is a strong believer in Alternative Dispute Resolution to achieve sound commercial results in order to avoid or limit litigation and has been involved in a number of large and complex mediations where the parties have successfully reached a resolution.

Before coming to Tisher Liner FC Law, Phoebe was an Associate at the Supreme Court of Victoria where she was instrumental in implementing the Oppression Pilot Program and Commercial Court Duty Judge System for urgent applications. Having assisted in these projects means Phoebe understands what the Court requires and the process involved in running an oppression proceeding and making urgent applications.

Outside of work, Phoebe is an active member of her local community holding a number of volunteer positions in several community organisations and sporting clubs.

Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it.
- Chinese Proverb

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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