Samuel has practised in commercial litigation since his admission as a solicitor in 2007. He manages litigation matters and frequently appears as an advocate, whilst also assisting businesses and private individuals.

Samuel is known for his practical nature, aptitude for problem solving, strong communication skills and extensive litigation experience. These attributes allow him to successfully assist clients in understanding the various aspects of litigation, guiding them through their available options in order to achieve their best result. In numerous cases where litigation has been threatened against his clients, Samuel has been able to advise and assist with taking strategic steps, which have successfully averted the threatened litigation entirely.

Outside the office, Samuel enjoys playing cricket and rugby union. He is also a talented musician, currently holding the position of Parish Organist of Christ Church, Essendon.

謹慎很少犯錯 “The cautious seldom err.
- Confucius, Analects Book I Chapter 4

Qualifications & Industry Memberships

  • Bachelor of Arts/Law, University of Melbourne, 2005
  • Member of Law Institute of Victoria

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Leasing & Lease Disputes / Property & Development / Developments

Commercial Leases – Protect your Property

By the end of the lease (whether by expiry, abandonment or eviction) things may look different And you may need to...
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Business Law / Employment Law

Employee Departures | How to Protect your Business

A large part of the parameters of these are already set down in whatever employment contract your employee has been...
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Property & Development / Retail Clients & Chains

Landlords, Don’t Hand over the Keys Yet! Tenants, Don’t Accept the Keys Yet!

Under section 7 of the Retail Leases Act, a lease commences upon the first of the following occurring: 1 A tenant...
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Property & Development / Developments

Unregistered Easements

For example, if Mr Smith holds an unregistered mortgage over land belonging to Mrs Jones, and Mrs Jones sells that land...
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Business Law / Property & Development / Real Estate Agents

The cost of not complying with the Estate Agents Act

Those requirements are set out in sections 48A, 48B and 49A of the Estate Agents Act, and include the following: The...
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Leasing & Lease Disputes / Retail Clients & Chains

Options for retail landlords recovering arrears from tenants, former tenants and guarantors.

Three important restrictions on landlords’ rights to recover unpaid monies under the lease against the tenant are as...
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Litigation & Dispute Resolution / Retail Clients & Chains

Keep your diary well!

One aspect which often lets businesses down when the need arises to enforce a debt is the lack of adequate details...
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