All businesses have some sort of intellectual property ("IP") they must protect. The goodwill of a business is attached to its name and/or trade mark, so it is important for businesses to adequately protect their IP, particularly their brand and any associated trade marks (such as their logo, name and taglines).

As Accredited Business Law Specialists, Tisher Liner FC Law assist clients with:

  • Intellectual Property Rights. Whether it is putting in place a licensing or distribution system or stopping a competitor from stealing your brand, we have experience in all aspects of intellectual property matters;
  • Trade Marks – Australia and Madrid Protocol. Applying for trade marks, defending trade mark opposition proceedings and opposing registration of a competitors mark;
  • Copyright. We assist clients in knowing their rights and helping them protect their work;
  • Privacy and Spam Issues. New privacy laws means that any business with a turnover of more than $3 million a year must have a complying privacy policy. We help clients draft privacy policies and provide advice to ensure that they comply with their legal obligations and don’t get caught out contravening the spam act when sending out marketing material;
  • Confidentiality Agreements. Whether you are going to sell your business or enter into a commercial arrangement, it is important that you protect your business knowledge and confidential information. Don’t reveal anything to another party until you have an appropriate agreement in place to protect your business secrets; and
  • Websites and Apps. We have advised numerous clients on developing policies to deal with privacy, trading terms and user licensing. Making an app is hard enough, let us worry about the legal stuff.

Our Experts

Principal BEc, LLB, LLM

Michael Fetter

Highly respected in his fields, Michael is renowned for his sharp business mind and ability to cut through superfluous...
Principal Accredited Commercial Litigation Specialist

Simon Abraham

Simon has established a thriving commercial litigation practice and has secured exceptional results for the firm’s...
Principal Accredited Business Law Specialist

Phillip Leaman

Phillip Leaman knows that his clients want to get the deal done and start making money, and takes a strategic approach...
Consultant BJuris, LLB

Felicity Simpson

With over 15 years experience, Felicity has acted for a wide variety of clients, including many start ups and real...

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