Our online Enduring Power of Attorney

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What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?

An enduring power of attorney appoints one or two persons to make decisions on a person’s behalf. It can allow full authority or specific authority for certain matters. If the attorney signs on behalf of the principal, the principal will be bound by that agreement.


What if I want to appoint more than 2 attorneys?

This online chatbot is not for you. We suggest you contact us on 03 8600 9333 to arrange the preparation of an Enduring Power of Attorney by one our experienced lawyers.


What is the cost of the Enduring Power of Attorney?

The cost of the Enduring Power of Attorney is $440 inclusive of GST. You are required to pay upfront and once you have completed the online interview, you will be emailed the Enduring Power of Attorney within minutes.


What if I want an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Medical Treatment Decision Maker?

If you want both documents, try our package Enduring Power of Attorney and a Medical Treatment Decision Maker which offers both documents by completing the one online process and for a total reduced price.


How long does it take to complete the chatbot interview and get my document?

Around 5-10 minutes


What information do I need to know to complete this document?

The names and addresses of the people you want to make your attorney and/or alternative attorney and the purpose of why a power of attorney is being given. We provide further information on these issues to you during the chatbot interview. The chatbot allows you to appoint either one or two attorneys (who can act either jointly or jointly and severally) and up to one alternative attorney. Note that this document must be witnessed by two independent witnesses over the age of 18 years and one must be a medical practitioner or a person authorised to witness affidavits (i.e. a lawyer).


Do I need to speak to a Lawyer?

By using our Enduring Power of Attorney chatbot, you are answering a series of questions and obtaining a customised enduring power of attorney based on the answers you have provided but only in respect to the questions that are answered in the chatbot and not addressing any other issues which may be relevant to your particular circumstances.

It is important that you obtain legal advice before you enter into any transaction and before you give an enduring power of attorney.



This document can be used in any Australian state.



On the last page of the document, you will be provided with some tips when executing the document. This instruction page should not be attached to the final document when executed. We suggest that you sign multiple originals of the Enduring Power of Attorney so each attorney can retain an original to use. Alternatively, sign one original and get some certified copies of the Enduring Power of Attorney to be held by each attorney.


What is the length of the document?

4-6 pages depending on how many attorneys you select and whether or not you have an alternative attorney but excluding the instruction sheet.


What format will I get the document in?

Microsoft Word. A copy of the document will be provided to you by email as soon as the chatbot interview is completed and payment is received.


How long can I access the chat bot interview?

You have 7 days to start and complete the chat bot interview from the time you first start the interview. You will be emailed a link so you can recommence the chat bot interview if you don’t finish it in the one session. You can also go back at any time during the the session if you have provided an incorrect answer.


How many times can I use the document?

By buying a document through this chatbot you are receiving a customised document for use in one transaction. You are not provided copyright permission to use the document for multiple transactions or to provide this document to other parties for sale, distribution or use other than relating to the relevant single transaction for which this document was prepared.