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What is the document?

The Covid-19 Variation of Lease Deed is a document to vary a lease to set out an agreement reached between a landlord and tenant due to the circumstances of COVID-19 and taking into account the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) (Commercial Leases and Licences) Regulations 2020. This document can address agreements which include:

  • rent waivers for a particular amount of rent waived per month;
  • rent deferral for a particular amount of rent deferred per month;
  • extensions of lease terms where the lease is being extended by a fixed period to allow a tenant further time to pay rent which is deferred;
  • having the agreement for rent waiver/deferral last a particular period;
  • setting a particular period to have any rent deferral paid;
  • multiple tenants, multiple landlords and multiple guarantors;
  • waiving the requirement to pay all or a percentage of outgoings for a fixed period (but not a waiver of particular outgoings only);
  • a clause including the tenant pay the landlord’s costs, each party bearing their own costs or each party paying 50% of the costs of the Deed;
  • guarantors consenting to the variation.


What type of issues will this document not cover?

General variations to the lease other than for rent relief due to COVID-19 or dealing with separate licence agreements, car parking or storage licence fees as these cannot be incorporated into this chatbot. This document will not deal with a partial waiver of certain outgoings.


If you require legal advice or assistance with negotiating key terms or a more complicated document, then this document is not for you and you should contact Phillip Leaman on 8600 9314 or by email: [email protected] to obtain a fee estimate for a more customised document, for advice or assistance with lease negotiations.


How long does it take to complete the chatbot interview and get my Covid-19 Variation of Lease Deed?

It takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete the chatbot interview and you will receive your document in a PDF format emailed to you within 1 business day.


What is the cost of the COVID-19 Variation of Lease?

$900 plus GST.

The cost does not include any legal advice, conferences or customisation outside the chatbot interview and the issues stated above as being included.


What information do I need to know to complete this document?

A copy of the lease and the information contained on our handy checklist available here.

We provide further information on these issues to you during the chatbot interview.


Do I need to speak to a Lawyer?

It is always advisable to ensure that you obtain legal advice when entering into any transaction or varying existing contractual relationships. We can provide such advice and recommendations on how to negotiate with the other party to maximise your position whilst complying with the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) (Commercial Leases and Licences) Regulations 2020and by dealing with the commercial and legal issues arising from the landlord and tenant relationship. By using our Covid-19 Variation of Lease Agreement chatbot, you are answering a series of questions and obtaining a customised Covid-19 Variation of Lease Agreement based on the answers you have provided but only in respect to the questions that are answered in the chatbot and not addressing any other issues which may be relevant to your particular circumstances or other agreements reached between the tenant and landlord outside the scope of the issues set out above. By using our chatbot you are not receiving legal advice or recommendations from us in relation to your lease and Covid-19. If you need advice, assistance with negotiations or a complicated document then this document is not for you. You should contact Phillip Leaman on 03 8600 9333 or by email: [email protected] to engage Phillip.

It is important that you obtain legal advice before you enter into any transaction or variation.


What if I need legal advice?

If you need specific legal advice or a document which is beyond this chatbot, please contact Phillip Leaman on 03 8600 9333 or by email: [email protected] to engage Phillip. A cost estimate can be provided for advice or other documents.



This document can be used in Victoria only as different legislation applies in other states.



On the last page of the document, you will be provided with some tips when executing the document. This instruction page should not be attached to the final document when executed. Once executed, each party should retain an original copy of the signed document.

During COVID-19, the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) (Electronic Signing and Witnessing) Regulations 2020 allows:

  • each signatory to sign the document or a copy of the document (electronic or hard copy)
  • each signatory to use an electronic signature
  • witnessing to occur via audio-visual link.

The person who will receive the document must give consent to the execution of the document by electronic signature. Consent may be withheld for reasons such as concerns about the integrity of a document. A reluctance to use electronic signatures is not, on its own, a sufficient reason to withhold consent.

Each signatory who uses an electronic signature must include a statement indicating that the document was electronically signed in accordance with the Regulations.

Each witness that witnesses via audio-visual link must include a statement indicating that the document was witnessed using an audio-visual link in accordance with the Regulations.

If signatures are applied to different copies of a document, each signatory and each person who needs to give consent must receive a copy of each document that has a signature on it.

The electronic signing of deeds by corporations is covered by the Commonwealth Government’s Corporations (Coronavirus Economic Response) Determination (No.1) 2020.


What is the length of the document?

About 10 pages including a cover page but excluding the instruction sheet depending on the number of parties.


What format will I get the document in?

Non editable PDF


How long can I access the chat bot interview?

You have 7 days to start and complete the chat bot interview from the time you first start the interview. You will be emailed a link so you can recommence the chat bot interview if you don’t finish it in the one session. You can also go back at any time during the the session if you have provided an incorrect answer.


How many times can I use the document?

By buying a document through this chatbot you are receiving a customised document for use in one transaction. You are not provided copyright permission to use the document for multiple transactions or to provide this document to other parties for sale, distribution or use other than relating to the relevant single transaction for which this document was first prepared. If you need a document for several transactions you will need to pay for this document for each transaction or if you have several please contact Phillip Leaman on 8600 9314 for a bulk price.