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What is a Confidentiality Deed?

A confidentiality deed (also called a non disclosure agreement (NDA)) is a document which provides some protection to a company or person that discloses confidential information to another for an express purpose (such as whether or to do business with the person).


How long does it take to complete the chatbot interview and get my document?

Around 5 minutes


What is the cost of the Confidentiality Deed?

$950 plus GST.

The cost does not include any legal advice or customisation outside the chatbot interview.


What information do I need to know to complete this document?

The names and addresses of the parties to the document, a description of your business and the purpose for which the confidential information is being provided. We provide further information on these issues to you during the chatbot interview.


Do I need to speak to a Lawyer?

By using our confidentiality deed chatbot, you are answering a series of questions and obtaining a customised confidentiality deed based on the answers you have provided but only in respect to the questions that are answered in the chatbot and not addressing any other issues which may be relevant to your particular circumstances.

It is important that when dealing with another party you only provide confidential information absolutely necessary at the particular stage. In some cases, you should withhold some confidential information until a formal sale agreement is in place (if you are selling your business for example).

It is important that you obtain legal advice before you enter into a transaction and before you provide confidential information, even if you have or will enter into a confidentiality deed or NDA.


What if I need legal advice?

If you need specific legal advice or a document which is beyond this chatbot, please contact Phillip Leaman on 03 8600 9333 or by email: [email protected] to engage Phillip. A cost estimate can be provided for advice or other documents.



This document can be used in any Australian state.



On the last page of the document, you will be provided with some tips when executing the document. This instruction page should not be attached to the final document when executed. Once executed, each party should retain an original copy of the signed document.


What is the length of the document?

8 pages including a cover page but excluding the instruction sheet.


What format will I get the document in?

Microsoft Word. Please note that numbering may not appear when accessing the document on an phone. However, all numbering will appear and work on a desktop. A copy of the document will be provided to you by email as soon as the chatbot interview is completed and payment has been made.


How long can I access the chat bot interview?

You have 7 days to start and complete the chat bot interview from the time you first start the interview. You will be emailed a link so you can recommence the chat bot interview if you don’t finish it in the one session. You can also go back at any time during the the session if you have provided an incorrect answer.