TLFC Law are dedicated to supporting the Australian startup community. We understand that startups require a special type of legal advice to help you turn your big idea into a reality.

What does it take to launch a startup like Airbnb or Netflix today? How do you ensure your startup idea is protected during funding stages as you go from pitch meeting to pitch meeting? What do you need in place to ensure your startup grows the way you want it to? What do you need to know about entering into business with friends or securing your startup funding off family? TLFC’s startups lawyers can answer these questions and more, putting you well on the way to IPO.

Starting a new business can be a daunting and exciting time.

Launching your own business and getting it off the ground comes with a unique set of challenges. TLFC’s team of experts can help you navigate the early days of your business by providing advice on all aspects of your business to keep you prepared and to avoid common mistakes.

For startups, making the right legal decisions from the beginning, can be the most valuable investment decision you make.

Our team include Accredited Business Law Specialists who have expert knowledge and experience advising clients on all matters and at all stages of the business lifecycle. Whether it is your legal structure, protecting current operations, IP protection, supporting future growth, or ensuring your business is scalable and conducive to investment, the correct legal framework is paramount. We can help you give your startup the boost it needs to sore.

Our startups lawyers have over 20 years’ experience spanning all areas of Startup law.

From incorporation, business structuring, shareholder agreements, buy sell agreements, registration and compliance through to contract negotiations, we have the depth and breadth of the law covered. We can also advise you on tax and superannuation, insurance or leasing arrangements for premises.

We understand that as entrepreneurs attracted to the startups lifestyle, you are focused on growing your business idea, developing your products and scraping together enough funding to take your business to the next level. We get to know your business, your goals and your plans for the future. We will work with you to develop appropriate strategies to scale your business, enable positive disruption of the market and to combat anti-competitive behaviour that you may encounter.


If you’ve got a question for Startups and SME principal Harriet Warlow-Shill or the Startups Team, feel free to give us a call or fill out the enquiries form below.

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Our Experts

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Principal Accredited Business Law Specialist

Phillip Leaman

Phillip Leaman has been recognised on the Best Lawyers List for 2019/2020 in the category of Real Property Law Find...
Principal LLB

Harriet Warlow-Shill

Harriet is passionate about the law and in particular about the construction, start ups and charities areas Harriet has...
Consultant BJuris, LLB

Felicity Simpson

With over 19 years experience, Felicity Simpson has acted for a wide variety of clients, including many start ups and...
Senior Associate BA LLB

Megan Sanders

Megan Sanders acts in a diverse array of matters including business structuring, sale and acquisition, commercial...
Associate BA(Global)(Hons), LLB

Natalie Chani

Natalie’s focus is to ensure that each client receives the best result by providing them with both strong legal,...
Lawyer LLB, BCom

Sining Wang

Sining Wang handles a wide range of litigious matters in Victorian and New South Wales courts, including: Commercial...
Lawyer LLB

Emma Spielvogel

Emma practices as a commercial and property lawyer Possessing a keen eye for detail, Emma always adopts a “take the...

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