Tisher Liner FC Law is one of the leading property law teams in Victoria. Led by two Accredited Property Law specialists, the team comprises expert property lawyers and conveyancers with a wealth of knowledge. TLFC has acted, and continues to act for clients in numerous landmark developments from inception to completion. There is no property matter that we have not handled.

Tisher Liner FC Law provides a full range of property services to its clients. This includes conducting simple residential conveyancing matters through to large-scale developments, which involve preparing master contracts, joint venture agreements and associated finance documentation. TLFC also advises on other property matters including:

  • Property disputes;
  • FIRB issues;
  • Land tax and stamp duty;
  • Owners Corporations issues;
  • Mortgages;
  • Creation and variation of easements and restrictive covenants;
  • Section 173 Agreements; and
  • General interpretation of titles and boundary disputes.


A number of our principals sit on property law committees. This ensures our team remains up to date with the frequent changes to the law, so that we can preempt industry shifts or developments our clients may encounter.

Our Specialists

Principal LLB(HONS), BCOM

Frank Tisher OAM

Frank specialises in drafting contractual documentation and in dealing with complex aspects of Property law including...
Principal BEc, LLB, LLM

Michael Fetter

Highly respected in his fields, Michael is renowned for his sharp business mind and ability to cut through superfluous...
Principal LLB(Hons), BSc(Hons)

Jonathan Tisher

Jonathan oversees all forms of property transactions and deals with the structuring of the transaction, the conveyance...
Principal BEc, LLB

Ron Cohen

Ron’s clients include large corporations and individuals that rely on him for all aspects of their legal...

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