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Family Law

Do you have a Child Support Debt? Be Aware of International Travel Bans

A DPO is an international travel ban, which gives Border Force the power to stop a person who owes child support at the airport. DPOs are made administratively by the Department of Human Services (Child Support), without the need to go to Court. However, a person against whom a DPO has been made should expect to receive written notice. DPOs are administered jointly by the Department of Immigration and the Department of Human Services (Child...
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Technology and Start Ups / Litigation & Dispute Resolution / Privacy Laws & Trading Terms

High Court Finds Google’s Search Engine has the Capacity to Defame

For many years, Google has claimed that its search engine has no capacity to defame. Effectively, Google has argued that it is a mere bystander in distributing information created by others rather than the publisher or the originator of defamatory material. In many ways, Google’s market position and capacity to catalogue information gives it more power than governments and less accountability. For instance, a subpoena sent to Google Australia to access Gmail account records would...
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Owners Corporation / Property & Development / Owners Corporations & Strata

Considering renovating your apartment? Have you checked you legally own it?

Our population is growing and the construction of higher-density housing is booming. Considering renovating? If you opt for apartment living, do you know whether you can legally renovate your property? When considering renovating, you must ensure that you legally own the part of the building structure you propose to amend and/or alter. You may have a small interior and a large court yard, so it may seem simple enough to just move the wall. But...
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Charities & Not-for-Profit / Charities & Not-For-Profits

What to Do if You’ve Been Asked to Run a Charity

If you have been asked by a charity to assume a governance position, then you should definitely be aware of all of your responsibilities, obligations and potential liabilities. This article does not provide for a comprehensive checklist but will cover some of the key questions that you should be asking before you agree to assume any position of governance within a charity and will explain some of the important responsibilities and obligations. Some charity statistics...
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