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Property & Development / Developments

The Sun Sets on Developer Rights

The new Sunset Provisions will give greater power to purchasers in off-the-plans contracts The amendments will severely limit the right of developers to cancel contracts that have extended past their ‘sunset periods’ Currently, the act does not prohibit a developer from rescinding an off-the-plan contract of sale by the sunset date if: the plan of subdivision has not been registered; or an occupancy permit has not been issued Generally, developers must have made all reasonable...
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Charities & Not-for-Profit / Charities & Not-For-Profits

Attention Door Knockers: Fundraising Regulations 2019 Take Effect from 1 June 2019

The new Fundraising Regulations support the Fundraising Act 1998 (Vic) which applies to all those who engage in fundraising activities for charities and not-for-profits in Victoria The Regulations outline: Activities which do not constitute fundraising appeals; Requirements for identification badges; Requirements for record keeping; Requirements for registration renewal; Fees for record inspection; and Infringement penalties for breaches of the Act The new Regulations provide for different...
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Family Law

Contravention Applications in Parenting Cases: “Self-help” is not a defence

If your former partner is failing to facilitate your time or communication with the children, or is not complying with the Final Orders in some other way, and does not have a reasonable excuse for doing so, you can issue a Contravention Application. A Contravention Application is not an enforcement application. Instead, it seeks to punish the person who has failed to comply with the Orders. Contravention proceedings are quasi-criminal in nature and depending on...
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Corporate Advisory and M&A / Start-ups & Emerging Enterprises / Small to Medium Enterprises

Funding Your Start-Up or Expanding Your Business

You may be the founder of the idea, an investor or director or otherwise involved in the developing business. If you are part of a venture that is, or is about to be, riding the fundraising wave, Tisher Liner FC Law can guide you on the journey. The first phase of your funding journey It is common for start-ups to be initially funded by family, friends and/or the founder themselves. This may occur through financial...
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