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Employment Law / Business Law / Litigation & Dispute Resolution

What employers need to know when letting someone go

A staff member may need to be let go because the business can no longer afford them, or perhaps they are just not performing to the required level. Whatever the reason for letting an employee go, employers should be careful not to open themselves up to a claim against them in the Fair Work Commission. Where to Start? There are many things that an employer should have regard to when considering what needs to be...
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Family Law

Navigating the Complicated and Confusing Issues Around Child Support

The father argued that exceptional circumstances had arisen since the agreement was made because the child now lived full time with him and if he was obliged to pay child support to the mother (with whom the child spends little time) as well as meeting living and education expenses for the child and the child’s older sibling, he would suffer hardship. In the unfortunate (and arguably unintended) result, as the agreement had been terminated, it...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata

Making Owners Corporation law easy for committees to understand

Committees often have to deal with complex repair projects or legal disputes in the evenings or weekends when they are not working at their paid jobs. Owners Corporation managers are busy people too. They often manage many properties, and dealing with an important issue for one Owners Corporation client can mean less attention in the mean time for others. So, when an Owners Corporation needs legal advice about how to deal with an important issue,...
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Business Law / Leasing & Lease Disputes / Real Estate Agents

Retail Leases Update for Agents and Landlords

Pursuant to Section 15 of the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic), as soon as a landlord enters into negotiations with a prospective tenant about a lease, the landlord (of if acting through an agent, the agent) must give the party a copy of the proposed lease (without specifics) and copy of the information brochure published by the Small Business Commission. Please note that the Information Brochure has changed and all landlords and agents should start...
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