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Commercial Law / Commercial Contracts & Agreements / Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Recording | TLFC Law Lunchtime Briefing | Commercial Matrimony – Marry/Battle/Kill

The slides are also available. Please click here to view the PowerPoint Slides.   Facilitated by Ron Cohen (Principal). Presented by Felicity Simpson (Special Counsel), Rob Oxley (Principal) and Simon Abraham (Principal).   If you were unable to attend this session, you are welcome to watch the recording at your convenience. Passcode: @9pX*^xE
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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Your property has been restrained! What do you do when the government freezes your assets?

What if you own property that is suspected to have been used in connection with a crime? What if an employee,  family member or business partner does something illegal that risks your property, and your property is restrained by the government as a consequence?   The Australian Government and state law enforcement agencies have the power to seize property such as bank accounts, real estate and other assets. Under the Confiscation Act 1997 (Vic), the...
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Property & Development

Option Deeds: What are they and Potential Risks

Contracts of Sale are utilised by the parties to record their agreement to sell and/or buy a property. Depending on the circumstances of the transaction and the parties intended outcomes, it may be appropriate and advantageous for the parties to consider whether also utilising an Option Deed may be of benefit.   What is an Option Deed? An Option Deed is a precursor document to a Contract of Sale. It is an agreement between a...
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Family Law / Family Law Advice

Child Impact Reports – what are they and what benefit do they provide?

When additional information is required, then the parties may agree to attend upon or an order may made by the Court for the parties and the child/ren to attend upon a Court Child Expert (a qualified psychologist or social worker) for the purpose of the preparation of a Child Impact Report.   A Child Impact Report is a preliminary report that assists the Registrar or Judge hearing the matter to better understand what is happening...
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