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Family Law

De Facto: A Threshold Question

As a starting point, by definition, a court will consider a person to be in a de facto relationship with another person if, having regard to all the circumstances of their relationship, it is found that they are a “couple living together on a genuine domestic basis”. The meaning of this definition can be somewhat grey and ultimately subject to the discretion of the Court. The Court will consider a variety of ‘circumstances’. For example:...
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Charities & Not-for-Profit / Charities & Not-For-Profits

Looking to Start a Sports Charity: Is Sport a Charitable Purpose?

However, as the sector continues to develop, charities outcomes are being scrutinised with many questioning if there is a more efficient method to allocate resources and to which causes. The follow up question: can those resources be allocated to a sports charity? In an attempt to reflect the contemporary society’s attraction with health and wellbeing and address Australia’s major public health issues, a charitable cause that is the topic of much discussion is the inclusion...
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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Transact Now, Regret Later – The Case for Credit Management

This can cover a wide range of business situations. Most commonly, you might be considering letting your premises to a tenant, or providing goods or services on credit to a customer. In these situations, there are important credit management decisions you can make to ensure your interests are better protected. When entering into business with somebody here are some credit management tips: Ensure your paperwork is in order and has been fully signed. Can you...
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Business Law / Mortgages, Loans & Finance / Mezzanine Finance

Private lending: the red flags

Today, it may appear amicable and you do not foresee anything going wrong after the money is advanced. Surely, it’s your friend, your family – they will pay you back. Won’t they? But what happens when they don’t? Do you have protections in place to ensure you are covered and will be repaid in this instance? Is there independence and formality? Private lending can be complicated. It is important that the parties enter into a...
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