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What Developers should look for in a Vendor Statement

The Vendor Statement in particular is often the starting point for a developer’s due diligence enquiries and it is critical that developers understand what they are looking for and how it may impact their decision to acquire the property, how it will impact their plans for development and what issues need to be negotiated with the vendor. Some key issues which we often need to advise developers on are as follows: Title Issues It seems...
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Construction / Construction

Look before you Leap: The Importance of Domestic Building Contracts Part 1

The process can be a logistical nightmare requiring coordination of council permits, architects plans, engineering reports and construction of the building itself And holding the whole operation together stands a number of domestic building contracts, executed to (hopefully) protect the rights of all parties and provide for resolutions if something goes wrong Domestic building in Victoria is highly regulated The principal legislation governing the area is the Domestic Building Contracts Act...
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Property & Development / Developments

Developers Beware: Stamp Duty Soon to be Payable on Development Agreements

Developers need to be aware of this Act as stamp duty will now, in most cases, be payable on what has been traditionally known as Development Agreements. What is the Act about? The State Taxation Acts Amendment Act 2019 principally puts an end to Development Agreements in relation to properties worth more than $1 million by extending the economic entitlement provisions of the Duties Act 2000 to all landowners not just private unit trusts and...
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Family Law

Navigating Family Law: Religion

This presumption does not relate to the amount of time a child is to spend with their parents, but the parents’ ability to make joint decisions regarding the long-term care and welfare of the child. Major long term decisions include decisions about the child’s education, health and, as will be discussed in this blog post, the child’s religious and cultural practices. The presumption may be rebutted if it can be proven that it would not...
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