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Commercial Contracts & Agreements / Mortgages, Loans & Finance / Mezzanine Finance

The Mezzanine Way

Mezzanine finance assists real estate investors, developers, businesses and those looking to refinance to bridge the gap between senior debt and equity. The word “mezzanine” comes from the Latin “medianus” which means “of the middle”. This is fitting as mezzanine finance is a middle layer of financing between senior debt and equity. It is a type of subordinated debt that ranks behind senior debt and ahead of equity in respect of priority of payment, and...
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Family Law

Family Law settlement includes assets acquired post-separation

The recent Full Court decision in Calvin & McTier affirmed the Court’s power to divide and/or include for division assets acquired after the parties have separated The Husband received an inheritance, four years after separation, from his late father’s estate The value of the Husband’s inheritance (the balance remaining at Trial) represented approximately 32% of the total pool of assets The Husband appealed against the Trial Magistrates decision to include his inheritance in the...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata

How Quickly Would a Fire Spread in Your Apartment Building?

In 2014, a fire began on the balcony of the residential apartment high rise known as the Lacrosse building near Etihad Stadium in Docklands, and rapidly spread up the external façade of the building, resulting in the emergency evacuation of the building and 122 fire fighters attending. Fortunately, because of the (unintended) over performance of the sprinkler system within the Lacrosse building, the fire did not cause any fatalities. The Building Code of Australia that...
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Employment Law

First they came for the accountants…

With several popular restaurants recently making headlines for allegedly underpaying employees, it is a good time for employers – and also their accountants and bookkeepers – to consider their potential exposure to a Fair Work claim. In a recent decision of the Federal Circuit Court in Fair Work Ombudsman v Blue Impression Pty Ltd & Ors [2017] FCCA 810, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) prosecuted the owner of a Melbourne fast food restaurant for alleged...
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