Simon has a well earned reputation as an outstanding litigator and is respected throughout the profession. He is consulted by some of Australia’s most successful businesses, families and individuals for his strategic advice.

Simon has established a thriving commercial litigation practice and has secured exceptional results for the firm’s clients in all major jurisdictions. Simon practices principally in the area of Commercial Litigation and carefully guides his clients through the dispute resolution process in a considered and tactical manner. He has established an excellent working relationship with some of Australia’s leading barristers and has run and won a number of cases that have created legal precedents.

His cases have included highly complex property, partnership, contract and insolvency disputes. Simon likes challenging situations and is pleased to say that he cannot even relate to the concept of a “too hard” basket.

Simon has extensive experience in insolvency matters and has successfully managed both corporate and personal insolvency cases for liquidators and selected private clients of the firm.

Additionally, Simon also practices in the area of employment law and has acted for both employers and employees in this important area. Drafting and reviewing employment contracts and providing advice and legal representation in relating to termination of employment are two areas in which Tisher Liner FC Law are regularly engaged.

Simon believes that successful litigation depends upon attention to detail, good communication skills and the best presentation of the facts of a case. He also considers that effective use of the Court process requires the tactical application of pressure upon the other side.

Simon encourages alternative dispute resolution techniques including Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration. Such measures form an integral part of modern case management in all Courts and Tribunals and often make good commercial sense.

In order to ensure the best client service and outcomes, Simon likes to meet with clients at the start of a case to discuss the client’s goals and desired outcomes.

Simon’s interests include the latest technical gadgets, trivia, contemporary art, major sporting events and the Great Ocean Road. Simon is married to Skye and they have three boys.

Sue the bastards
- Author Unknown (As found on sign hanging in Simon's office)

Qualifications & Industry Memberships

  • Bachelor of Laws/Economics, Monash University, 1994
  • Accredited Commercial Litigation Specialist, 2006
  • Member of Law Institute of Victoria

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