Ron has had over 30 years practice in the legal profession and specializes in property, developments, finance, business and leasing law.

Ron’s clients include large corporations and individuals that rely on him for all aspects of their legal work. This ranges from property, business and commercial law dealings and transactions, including but not limited to multi-unit and “off the plan” residential and commercial developments, commercial and retail leasing including shopping centres, malls and shopping strips and industrial properties(acting for both landlord and tenant), property purchase and sales (including residential, commercial/industrial and multi-unit developments), finance and mortgages (acting for lenders and borrowers), finance advice and documentation, sales and purchases of business, business and trust structures, joint ventures, GST and stamp duty issues and advice, contracts and agreements as well as providing general legal advice on many other wider aspects of the law.

Ron is dedicated to providing cost effective professional service to his clients in a prompt, courteous and friendly manner.

Outside the law firm, Ron enjoys AFL Football, sports and fitness, a good coffee, and spending time with his family.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work
- Colin Powell

Qualifications & Industry Memberships

  • Bachelor of Laws/Economics, Monash University, 1985
  • Member of Law Institute of Victoria

Articles by this author

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Business Law / Intellectual Property

Are you Aware of the New Cyber Security Legislation?

As a result, the Australian government has now introduced new legislation which comes into effect on 22 February 2018...
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Property & Development / Developments

What to look for when purchasing land

A legal review of the Contract documents will, amongst other things, identify any restrictions affecting the land,...
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Covenants & Easements / Developments

What to look for when purchasing land

EASEMENTS: Easements are rights that an individual has over someone else’s land An easement is a legal right to use...
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Property & Development / Developments / Real Estate Agents

Part II: Choosing the Right Structure to Purchase your Property | Purchaser Nominations

It is preferable to identify the appropriate purchasing entity before a Contract of Sale is entered However, in many...
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Property & Development / Real Estate Agents

Part I: Choosing the Right Structure to Purchase your Property

There are some essential issues to consider when determining the right structure Some issues to consider when...
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Developments / Real Estate Agents / Property & Development

Buyers and Sellers Beware: New Capital Gains Tax Holding Regime

In summary, amendments made to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cth) requires all Purchasers of real estate for...
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Business Law / Small to Medium Enterprises

Don’t put off getting your business into shape

This blog is a brief overview of some of the important legal considerations for business owners when running their...
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Property & Development

Contract of Sale of Real Estate – Special Conditions.

However, Purchasers can also request special conditions be included in the contract These may include: Subject to a...
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Business Law / International Investors

Recent developments and proposed changes in guidelines for foreign investment in Australia.

There will also be stronger enforcement of compliance with foreign investment requirements and harsher penalties for...
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Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Contract changes in depth analysis.

The Sale of Land Amendment at 2014 (“Amendment Act”) came into effect on 1 October 2014 1 The main purpose of the...
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