Nicole specialises in Owners Corporations law. She understands the unique nature of strata living and disputes.

Nicole Wilde aims to achieve workable outcomes for her Owners Corporation clients that reflect the often ongoing shared ownership context of Owners Corporation disputes.

Nicole is highly respected as a leader in the area of Owners Corporation law. She is a regular contributor to various Strata publications and guest speaker at industry events.

As a litigator, former Crown Solicitor and Regulatory Prosecutor, Nicole’s strengths include quickly identifying her client’s issues and providing advice in plain, easy-to-understand language. Nicole is a strong and practical litigator who consistently achieves results for her clients whilst providing accessible and personal service.


Current Key Cases

  • WADE v THE OWNERS – UNITS PLAN NO 1754 (Unit Titles) [2018] ACAT 87 (11 September 2018) Read Case.
  • Successfully defended an Owners Corporation against lot owner claim involving alleged breach of duty to repair and maintain common property. Read Case;
  • Successful defence of a penthouse lot owner against Owners Corporation claim based on alleged unauthorised alteration to the common property. Read Case;
  • Successfully defended an Owners Corporation in the A.C.T against unit owner claim. Read Case.

Important Submissions

Note the following submissions have been published by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Nicole Wilde’s Experience

  • Acting for an Owners Corporation for large residential high-rises in Supreme Court proceedings against a plumber’s insurer for defective hydraulic work;
  • Defending Owners Corporations in VCAT and Courts against claims by lot owners, service providers, utility providers, and neighbours;
  • Prosecuting claims on behalf of Owners Corporations against Owners Corporation managers to terminate contracts and recover monies;
  • Preparing high quality and customised leases, licences and deeds of agreement.
The remedy to counterfactual thinking involves a little patience, a little charm and a lot of knowledge
- Nicole Wilde

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For Transparency’s Sake: Respect the Rights of an Eligible Person to Inspect Owners Corporation Records Free of Charge

Owners Corporations in Victoria have a legal duty to make the records of the owners corporation available for...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata

Multiple Owners Corporations: Ever wondered how they are meant to operate?

The concept is easy, one plan of subdivision, creates different types of common property areas, and multiple owners...
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Looking behind an Owners Corporation’s ‘special resolution’ to authorise legal proceedings

At an interlocutory hearing, the developer asked VCAT to dismiss the Owners Corporations’ proceedings on the basis...
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“No Permit Building Work” in Victoria: When are owner legal claims ‘time-barred’ from being commenced?

However, there are limited situations where building work is carried out without a building permit:- Either the...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata

Combustible Cladding – VCAT’s Decision in the Docklands, Lacrosse Tower Fire Case

The following fact sheet provides a summary of the Lacrosse Tower decision: LU Simon Builders Pty Ltd “Docklands...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata

Making Owners Corporation law easy for committees to understand

Committees often have to deal with complex repair projects or legal disputes in the evenings or weekends when they are...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata

Important Alert: The new Owners Corporations Regulations 2018 (Vic) come into effect on 2 December 2018.

The new regulations include some exciting new changes including a new, practical Model Rule regulating the external...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata

Short-stay accommodation law reform in Victoria: Are you aware of the changes?

The purpose of the Act is to regulate the provision of short-stay accommodation arrangements (up to a maximum of seven...
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Owners Corporation / Property & Development / Owners Corporations & Strata

Considering renovating your apartment? Have you checked you legally own it?

Our population is growing and the construction of higher-density housing is booming Considering renovating If you opt...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata / Health & Aged Care

Owners Corporations & Retirement Villages in Victoria

People in Victoria over 55 years of age and who have retired from full time employment, may be eligible to purchase a...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata

Mobile Phone Towers on Melbourne Apartment Buildings

So, what does this mean for Owners Corporations Mobile phone towers are often installed on common property roofs of...
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Owners Corporation / Owners Corporations & Strata

AGM or Wine?

You become attuned to meeting your strata neighbours, strangers who live in close proximity to you – some of whom...
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