A specialist in business/corporate and property matters, Michael is known for his unwavering dedication to his clients. He is committed to delivering strategic outcomes in relation to a range of legal matters, including intellectual property, start-ups, finance, contractual and transactional matters.

Michael Fetter has been recognised on the Best Lawyers List for 2019/2020 in the category of Commercial Law. Find the full list here.

Highly respected in his fields, Michael Fetter is renowned for his sharp business mind and ability to cut through superfluous legal language to extract essential information and explain to his clients in a straight-talking manner. It is this combination of solid logic, excellent commercial acumen, responsiveness and approachability that has seen Michael be invited to sit on numerous company and advisory boards.

When the parameters of traditional solutions impede upon the best outcome, Michael is not afraid to push the boundaries. He thinks outside of the box in order to implement pre-agreed strategy and achieve a practical and commercially sound resolution.

With a genuine passion for business and commerce, Michael also follows the property market closely and relishes in the opportunity to connect with industry peers. Beyond the firm, Michael is a staunch Carlton Football Club supporter. He also enjoys time with his family, running, cycling, mediation and travel.

Being successful is a 24 hour commitment, filled with sacrifice and tough choices
- Michael Fetter

Qualifications & Industry Memberships

  • Bachelor of Laws, Monash University
  • Masters of Laws, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Economics/Commerce, Monash University
  • Member of Law Institute of Victoria
  • Selected for Commercial Law, Best Lawyers List 2019/2020

Articles by this author

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Commercial Contracts & Agreements / Leasing & Lease Disputes / Property & Development

Could you Be Contaminated?

Whether you are the purchaser of land, the seller, a landlord, a tenant, a developer or a lender, there are obligations...
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Business Law / Corporate Advisory and M&A / Insolvency

Changes to Director Liabilities: Understanding Your Exposure

In essence, the legislation broadens director liabilities to now include GST, luxury car taxes and wine equalisation...
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Construction / Property & Development / Construction

Nafsika Palbas Wins Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30

Entrants for the award were required to demonstrate strong performance in their areas of expertise in conjunction with...
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Business Law / Commercial Contracts & Agreements

Have you Executed and Dated the Documents Correctly?

How significant is it when parties you think have executed documents correctly haven’t It is vital that your...
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Employment Law

Casual to Permanent Swap

The Fair Work Commission (Commission) will introduce a “ casual conversion ” clause into modern awards following a...
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Leasing & Lease Disputes / Property & Development / Real Estate Agents

Changes to the Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act for Property Owners & Landlords

What is the Commercial Building Disclosure Program The Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program requires energy...
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Business Law

Tips for Ensuring Agreements Don’t Fail

Agreements can be made in oral or written form, often in the exchange of letters or emails People generally rush when...
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Business Law

Business Owners Beware | Protect Your Name, Protect Your Reputation

Business owners must remember that your business name encompasses a reputation and is a visual representation of your...
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Mortgages, Loans & Finance

The Pitfalls of Loans

When avoiding the pitfalls of loans, advice and the careful preparation of documents are imperative for various...
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Personal Property Securities

Securing Your Security: Landlord’s Should Register Their Interest in Cash Security Deposits

A prudent landlord will require a tenant to provide security under the lease There are two main forms of security being...
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Business Law

How to negotiate or agree on terms for a transaction

Summarising and documenting some key terms in the early stages can assist in avoiding any confusion throughout the...
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Property & Development / Developments

Some Present and Current Issues for Developers.

Some of the issues that are sometimes missed include: Zoning changes – all Councils have changed zoning and height...
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