Kristoff Lajoie has built a strong practise in commercial law and a loyal client base since his admission in early 2012.

Kristoff Lajoie’s clients range from local businesses in Melbourne to international organisations conducting multi-million-dollar transactions throughout Australia, Oceania, South East Asia and China.

Kristoff appreciates the importance of getting to know his clients and being able to facilitate commercial transactions quickly, cost-effectively and – most importantly – with his client’s best interests first and foremost.

Kristoff Lajoie’s background in general commercial law permits him to advise clients on a breadth of issues ranging from purchasing and selling of businesses, retail and commercial leasing, corporate compliance, employment and other matters fundamental to operating a successful business.

Prior to legal practice, Kristoff was a professional musician and performing and recording artist with Sony Roadshow records. He has had music featured in Australia’s top 100 charts and has travelled around Australia with numerous television and radio appearances. Although he considers this to be his past life and now enjoys playing at home to exercise the right side of his brain after a hard day of lawyering.

“leghlaHchu'be'chughmInlo'laHbe' tajjej.” (A sharp knife is nothing without a sharp eye.”)
- Klingon proverb (Marc Okrand)

Qualifications & Industry Memberships

  • Juris Doctor
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

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