Construction of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel commenced in April 2017.

Properties acquired by the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority include 44 buildings over 94 titles. This includes 15 residential buildings, nine houses in South Kensington, five in South Yarra and a city apartment block with 30 apartments. There are 29 commercial properties being acquired including 15 businesses in the Port Phillip Arcade and a large property in Kensington. Properties in La Trobe Street will be taken from September 2017.

It is important that you obtain appropriate legal advice in all dealings with the Authority to ensure that your rights are protected and you obtain the best possible outcome. Tisher Liner FC Law have accredited specialists in business law, property law and commercial litigation and can assist you with the process and deal with the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Notices of Acquisition have been served in most parts of the project and clients have already started to receive offers of compensation. It is important to get professional advice from an expert to consider the offers received and to prepare a response to offer so compensation can be maximised for your particular circumstances. Even if you have obtained an offer of compensation it is not too late to obtain legal advice.

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