Obtaining a permit for the development of your property can add significant value. Our firm has extensive experience in town planning matters.

Tisher Liner FC Law will guide you through the complex town planning process. You are in safe hands – we have proven success in obtaining significant permits for our clients.

Our team of planning lawyers have extensive experience in town planning matters and can advise businesses and individuals on obtaining planning approval or resolving disputes arising from development applications. We have a successful track record in obtaining significant permits for our clients whether it be a small development or a large scale development in a commercial zone. We understand that these projects often work to strict budgets and timelines, so it is important to get it right from the beginning to save time and money.

As planning lawyers in Melbourne we assist developers in Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal planning matters. We have extensive experience in matters in the general planning list and the Major Cases List. The types of applications and services that Tisher Liner FC Law planning experts offer include:

  • Section 77 – Appeal against a Refusal by a Responsible Authority to Grant a Permit;
  • Section 79 – Appeal against a Failure to Grant a Permit within the Prescribed Time;
  • Section 87 & 87A – Application to amend a Permit;
  • Planning Permit Applications;
  • VCAT Planning Hearings; and
  • Planning and Development Issues.

Our Experts

Principal Accredited Property Law Specialist

Jonathan Tisher

Jonathan oversees all forms of property transactions and deals with the structuring of the transaction, the conveyance...
Principal Accredited Business Law Specialist

Phillip Leaman

Phillip Leaman knows that his clients want to get the deal done and start making money, and takes a strategic approach...
Senior Associate BA, LLB

Jeremy Quah

Jeremy has extensive experience in advising small and medium size enterprises on general commercial matters including...
Lawyer LLB, BA, GDLP

Sophie Chessells

Sophie also has a strong background in Owners Corporations law and debt recovery proceedings, and has attended hearings...

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