Welcome to Tisher Liner FC Law's Documents 24/7 where you can obtain self service online legal documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round.

Our new online legal document service provides some of our most popular legal documents available to our clients online without the need to contact a lawyer in our office and to obtain them when you need them.


Use Documents 24/7 in 3 easy steps

Step 1- Select and pay for the document you want

Step 2- Complete our online interactive chat bot

Step 3- Receive your document by email within minutes and use straight away


What documents are currently available?

We have the following online legal documents available:


What is Documents 24/7?

It allows clients to complete an interactive online process to provide our chat bot with information and responses to questions which helps our artificial intelligence chat bot prepare a document customised to the answers you provide.


When can I use Documents 24/7?

Anytime, day or night. Are you about to head off to the airport and forgot to appoint someone to sign documents on behalf of your company whilst you are away? No problem, log in, complete the Company Power of Attorney and print it out within minutes.


Who prepared the online legal documents?

Tisher Liner FC Law’s lawyers prepared the online legal documents available in Documents 24/7 so you know that they have been prepared with care and experience.



When do I get the online legal document?

You will get the online legal document in editable word version within minutes of completing the online process. Please note that the Covid-19 Variation of Lease is provided within 1 business day in PDF format only.


How much are the online legal documents?

When you click the link for the relevant online legal document, you will be notified of the fixed price for that document. In order to proceed, we will take payment straight away and once you finish the online process, you will be emailed the document to you within minutes.


Are there any other terms I should be aware of?

Further information about each online legal document, its size, the information required and the limitations of the online legal documents is available by following each link above.


Will you offer other online legal documents?

Yes, we plan on introducing further online legal documents shortly.


What if I need a complicated legal document or specific legal advice?

If you need a complicated legal document drafted and/or specific legal advice please contact Phillip Leaman on 8600 9314 or by email: pleaman@tlfc.com.au and we can provide you a fee estimate for our services.


Do the online legal documents include legal advice?

No, Documents 247 is a online document portal and does not include any legal advice from our firm in respect to your specific circumstances (beyond the questions set out in the online process). If you need advice, contact us to arrange an appointment.